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2BDM endeavors to ensure to the best of its possibilities the exactness and updating of the information disseminated on this site, for which it reserves the right to correct, at any time and without notice, the content. However, 2BDM cannot guarantee the exactness, precision or exhaustiveness of the information made available on this site. Consequently, 2BDM accepts no responsibility: for any interruption of the site, the occurrence of bugs, for any inexactness or omission concerning the information available on the site, for any loss resulting from the fraudulent intrusion of a third party having brought about a modification of the information made available on the site.



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The site as well as any software necessarily used in relation to the site can contain information that is confidential and protected by the intellectual property law in force or any other law. Consequently, unless otherwise mentioned, the copyrights on the documents contained in the site and each of the elements created for the site are the exclusive property of 2BDM, which does not grant any license or any other right than that of consulting the site. The reproduction of all documents published on the site is solely authorized for information purposes only for a personal and private use, any reproduction or any use of copies made for other purposes being expressly prohibited. It is also forbidden to copy, modify, create a derived work, inverse the conception or the assembly or any other manner attempting to find the source code (excepting the cases provided for by the law), sell, attribute, sub-license or transfer in any way whatsoever any right relating to the software programs. Likewise, it is equally forbidden to modify the software or use modified versions of the software programs and notably (without this listing being restrictive) with a view to obtaining unauthorized access to the service and accessing the site by means other than the interface that 2BDM has provided you with to this effect. 


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What is the purpose of the cookies issued on the 2BDM site?

These cookies are not indispensable to browsing our site but allow us, notably through Google Analytics software, to establish browsing statistics and in this way improve our offering and optimize how the site functions.

How can cookies be removed?

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