L'équipe 2BDM

The team

4 head architects of Historic Monuments 

39 architects including 15 heritage architects

2 engineers

1 agricultural and horticultural engineer

3 operation follow-up coordinator

3 draftsmen

5 construction economists

2 art historians in charge of research

2 accountants

4 administrative and technical assistants

2 administration officer





54 workstations dedicated to CAD, equipped, among others, with AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP and INDESIGN software programs

Administrative - Documentation

7 workstations with word processing, spreadsheets, etc.


7 workstations equipped with RagTime and Excel

Database specific to Historic Monuments


2 servers pooling all the computer stations (Paris and Versailles) with an integrated backup system

VPN link for remote working

7 B&W and color photocopiers, printers, scanners and faxes
2 inkjet plotters
5 scanners

Laser distance measurers


Laser tachymeter readings for large dimensions

High-definition digital cameras

Large library on art history and national and regional architectural heritage

Material library

Technical and regulatory documentation